Together we are strong

Meyra Group is a world-leading solution provider offering life-enhancing products to people with limited mobility. Our focus is to inspire joy of life for the end-users, their families and care givers – and all other parties involved in the process of offering our products to the end-user.

With our strong brands we offer innovative and reliable products that optimize the activities of daily living for the end-user enabling them to be more mobile, participate in daily life activities and secure or even improve health conditions.

Our head quarters are in Kalldorf, Germany and we currently operate 13 companies in 9 different countries across the world.


Meyra GmbH

Meyra GmbH is both a logistic as well as operation center for the Meyra Group. From here customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are served and the international team serves customers in close to 70 countries around the world. Meyra products are essential companions for people with disabilities or people with impaired mobility and they help with the many small and large challenges faced in daily life. Meyra is one of the world’s best-known and most successful manufacturers of wheelchairs as well as a supplier of rehabilitation aids. Meyra supports and motivates disabled people and allow them to be mobile and independent.

Meyra GmbH
Meyra-Ring 2
32689 Kalletal-Kalldorf


Alu Rehab AS

This is the home of Netti and it is here the world-known multi-functional Netti wheelchairs are designed making sure that the needs of users with high demands to long time seating are met. Netti is one of the few providers in the area of dynamic seating and in the field of users with complex demands. The focus is “Enable joy of life” and all products are designed so that they enable or improve the mobility of the user and facilitate participation in the activities of everyday life.

Alu Rehab AS

Bedriftsveien 23

NO-4353 Klepp stasjon


Alu Rehab ApS

In Denmark you find the Netti Competence Center inspiring joy of life with the versatile multi-functional wheelchairs, seating and positioning solutions. Netti offers a world-wide support within customer service, specialized product advisory, logistics, marketing as well as configuration of the individual adapted Netti wheelchairs. Netti is also responsible for sales in the Scandinavian countries, except Norway.

Alu Rehab ApS
Kløftehøj 8
DK-8680 Ry

TA Service

TA Service develops high-end power wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use. From the premises in Denmark we produce and deliver our individualized products world-wide. We have an in-depth knowledge of the individual user's needs along with strong know-how of the technical capabilities of wheelchairs. Thus it is our mission to provide the best possible qualitative service to increase the mobility of disabled people.

TA Service A/S
Centervej syd 2
DK-4733 Tappernøje


Meyra Netti SAS

Meyra Netti manages the local sales of Meyra, TA and Netti solutions in the French market. We are thereby able to offer the best possible service to our French customers as we benefit from the high level of knowledge concerning products, seating and positioning as well as the framework. The subsidiary includes 2 divisions with dedicated sales forces, a local service center as well as a Netti and a Meyra/TA specialized customer service.

Meyra Netti SAS
11 Rue du Bois du Pont
95310 St Ouen L’Aumône


mdh sp.z o.o.

For the past 20 years mdh sp.z o.o. has been a growing business of wholesale and production within orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment in Poland and abroad. During 2021 mdh will change name to Meyra MDH. Meyra MDH is responsible for sales in Poland and for selected brands worldwide. Meyra MDH also takes in an important position in the Central Eastern European market being the Logistic Center for this region. Furthermore Meyra MDH is one of 3 operational centers within the Meyra Group producing the Meyra Group products.

mdh sp.z o.o.
ul. Maratońska 104
PL-94-007 Łódź 

Grupa Life Plus

The Life Plus Group includes a chain of retail outlets in Poland and formally consists of three companies. Life Plus medical outlets offer a wide range of medical products such as rehabilitation, orthopaedic, and supporting equipment.


Rehab Zrt.

Rehab Zrt. origins back to 1915 and is supplying medical and rehabilitation products for medical aid shops and workshops across Hungary. Later Rehab Zrt. will change its name to Meyra Rehab Co.

Rehab Zrt.
2000 Szentendre
Kalászi út 3.

Meyra HU kft.

Meyra Hungary is the oldest non-Hungarian company in the rehabilitation industry. Meyra holds retail outlets in Budapest.

Meyra-Ortopedia Kft.
1044 Budapest IV. ker
Megyeri út 205/B


Alu Rehab Co. Ltd

Alu Rehab in Xiamen is home of the main production of Netti products and one of three operation centers in Meyra Group and the only one in Asia. Later the company will change its legal name to Meyra Netti. Meyra Netti in Xiamen is the sourcing center for Meyra Group. Since we produce so many of our products ourselves, we can secure the high quality level that we are known for.

Alu Rehab (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
Xiamen City,
Haicang Industrial District
Weng Jiao Road 289
Haitou Kechuang Center Building 3
Floor 1-2 361022


Meyra 000

Meyra Russia is responsible for sales of the Meyra Group products in Russia.

Meyra 000
ул. Мартеновская, д. 29
RU-111394, Москва,
Tel: +7 495 301 44 75

Czech Republic

Meyra ĆR s.r.o.

Meyra Czech Republic is a company mainly distributing Meyra Group’s products in the Czech Republic, as well as a retailer offering products directly to patients through a network of retail outlets in major cities.

Meyra ĆR s.r.o.
Hrusická 2538/5
141 00 Praha 4