Strong brands inspire joy of life

With our strong brands we offer innovative and reliable products that optimize the activities of daily living for the end-user enabling them to be more mobile, participate in daily life activities and secure or even improve their health conditions.


Meyra is one of the world’s best-known brands within wheelchairs and rehabilitation aids. Meyra’s products help people with disabilities in their daily lives, at home, on the go, during rehabilitation or sports. Meyra has been combining knowledge, commitment, and a strong brand for 80 years – offering professional medical solutions to the customers.


Netti has since the late 1980s been a leading brand of multi-functional wheelchairs. As a Scandinavian seating and positioning specialist Netti offers high-quality solutions for long time seating. Netti is one of the few providers in the area of dynamic seating and in the field of users with complex demands. All products are designed so that they enable or improve the mobility of the user and facilitate participation in the activities of everyday life.


TA is a Danish brand of high-end power wheelchairs. The vision of the TA products is to offer the best possible mobility, optimal ergonomics, quality as well as safety and respect. The aspiration is to increase the quality of life for the individual through intensive dialogues with users and thereby securing a continuous product development and improvement. TA offers different e-power models for indoor and outdoor use as well as a model with stand-up functionality.

Ortopedia by Meyra

Ortopedia by Meyra is a brand for high quality home-care products with a distinct design offering a wide range of rehabilitation aids.


ViteaCare is a brand of rehabilitation equipment dedicated to people with limited mobility. ViteaCare improves the quality of life of people with disabilities. The product portfolio includes prophylaxis and treatment of bedsores, wheelchairs both for adults and children. The brand also includes a group of products created to help people, who lie, to stand upright.


Qmed orthopaedic products include comprehensive solutions for the spinal cord, trunk, and upper and lower limbs. Qmed enables effective treatment of various disorders of the locomotor system. All products provide the proper comfort, functionality, and safety of use. Qmed products are characterised by an appealing appearance and a wide range of sizes.

Different product lines are designed for different needs:

  • Active Line – the line awarded for innovation, very elegant made from the highest quality yarns.
  • Silver Line – a wide range of products made of neoprene.
  • Qmed Life – a new line of compression products dedicated to basic orthopaedic applications.


Memo is a brand of a patented, dynamic foot control system for controlling children's feet defects, which include a wide range of footwear with a diagnostic sole and corrective insoles. Memo shoes provide the full comfort of use, and above all proper development of children’s feet. Their unique preventive and therapeutic properties are appreciated by parents and doctors.

Meyra Medical

Meyra Medical is orthopaedic products selected in terms of attractiveness for selected European markets.